Negative Ions Bracelet with ball marker (Black or White)

29.90 inkl. MwSt.

Wellness-Bracelet with Negative Ions, Magnets- & Farinfrared-Technologie

These trendy Ion Energizer Magnetic bracelets are made of specially processed soft silicon rubber, titanium, tourmaline and ceramic. It is these characteristics which attract Negative Ions to your body to help achieve enhanced ion balance. Many published studies in respected journals have concluded that Negative Ions may have a profoundly beneficial effect on both the mind and body.

3 powerful magnets are inserted in the back of the faceplate. The bracelet is made of durable material and has a classic tang-buckle clasp offering the ultimate in comfort and performance.

Included: Unique Birdie Boy Magnet Ball Marker

Colour: Black | White